S2E5 Dream Jobbers

Trey Kalny and Oliver Rouch hit the mat to discuss their wrestling film, Dream Jobbers.

S2E4 Special Guest Diane Hodson

Cara Pilson and DFP Alum Diane Hodson discuss ethics in non-fiction storytelling.

S2E3 Proper Pronouns

Meg Daniels and Manie Robinson talk about their thesis film Proper Pronouns.

S2E2 Conservatory

Thomas pulls double-duty as he and Brad Dillard talk about their film Conservatory.

S2E1 Five Minutes

Chris Zaluski, Peter Gilbert, & Sandy Dickson preview Five Minutes.

S1E9 DFP Derby 1.0

We’re racing toward our Semester 1 Finale! Who will win the Inaugural DFP Derby?

S1E8 Qualified

Colin Sylvester & Myles Harris talk about making their film Qualified.

S1E7 Challenging The Call

Milik Robinson talks about making his film Challenging the Call.

S1E6 First Year Carousel

The first-year DFP students talk about making their First-Year films.

S1E5 Give Me A Faith

Hao Zhang talks about making his film Give Me a Faith.

S1E4 Farewell My Peking Opera

Jill Li & Xiao Xiao talk about making their film Farewell, My Peking Opera.

S1E3 The Mayberry Effect

Chris Hudson talks about making his film The Mayberry Effect.

S1E2 Regrowth

Nick Deel & Brad Dillard talk about making their film Regrowth.

S1E1 Original Body Of Pain

Stan Wright & Dominic Silva talk about making their film Original Body of Pain.